Michael Payne

Chief Executive Officer, ASI Australia Pty Ltd

ASI is a Controls Contracts and Systems consultancy servicing major mining and infrastructure programs in Australia and Asia.

ASI has had a professional relationship with ASLAN Corporate Services since 1998.

After providing recruitment and project team development services to our process engineering program in Brisbane and Mt Isa, Veronica provided one on one business and personal development coaching to me in support of our Group consolidation and growth goals. In her coaching program Veronica introduced techniques and learning’s that have deeply imprinted on our core values and goals, and have influenced our ongoing development path.

ASI will continue its connection with ASLAN Corporate Services as it expands its business.


Peter Rogers 

Director Owner, Axis Sports & Entertainment

Working with Veronica has been a life changing experience for me. Her insights and guidance has helped me believe in and fine tune the skill set I possess and interrupt the debilitating patterns of self-doubt which have hindered my progress. Veronica has helped me to clarify my priorities and focus on what is important to me by helping me to build my resilience and self-esteem, to think more strategically and has provided me with the tools to face my challenges both professionally and personally. Veronica has this great ability to strike the balance between being thoughtful and giving while still being persistent in holding me accountable to the standards I set for myself.

To sum Veronica up I would say she is, compassionate yet forceful, nurturing yet powerful, knowledgeable yet open-minded. What more could you ask!

In short, coaching with her is an extraordinary experience.


Philip Verdouw

Senior Procurement and Contracts Executive

Veronica approached me when she noticed i was struggling with my management role and provided exceptional coaching which helped me regain my vision and objectives and get back on track. Her coaching techniques are first class and I would recommend her to anyone who is looking to improve themselves in their career as well as personal life.


Garth Schoermer

Site Project Services Manager at BG's QGCLNG at Curtis Island, QLD

I have used Veronica and her company as a recruitment agency since the mid nineties. I was only sent CVs of the best candidates for the position and hired many persons from Veronica over the years. Also Veronica has placed me in Project Controls Manager roles in Australia and overseas for which I am thankful. I consider Veronica a friend and I often contact her for advice when the need arises for many other issues that are business related.


Robert Wilde

ICT Systems Administrator

With Veronica's assistance and guidance I have been able to get through some difficult times, personally and professionally. Her insight and understanding are exceptional. I can safely say that no other one person has made such a difference to my personal/professional development


Michael Lang MD

SG Partners

Veronica provides clarity and certainty around increasing sales team outcomes and identifying team performance issues.

I have recommended Veronica as a coach to a very senior person in a EPCM company. The growth in this person I have seen is fantastic.

Veronica is to be credited with this person’s development in their career and view on life.


Dave Jones

State Manager, Consulting, Chandler Macleod

Veronica is a talented business woman who has extensive insight into the industry that she services. She has a broad client base that she services through her recruiting business while at the same time offering coaching to selected clients. Her business acumen and interpersonal skills allow her to offer a range of valuable services to all of her clients. I would highly recommend Veronica and her business, Aslan, as a service provider, consultant or business partner.


Liz Cassidy

#1 Amazon Best Selling Author - Changing the face of business, one leader at a time.

Veronica has been one of the most professional business women & recruiters I have ever had the pleasure to work with over the last 3 years.

She is consistent in her values and ethics. She values people first and delivers on her promises.

I happily recommend Veronica.