Executive Search

Aslan's Executive Search and Selection deliver a tailored service specific to your business needs.  Our discrete research in executive placement work is supported by our business partners and our focus on developing and retaining relationships with key stakeholders industry wide.

Our executive search is a pro-active and discrete method, in which we identify the best available candidates from our research partners, databases and knowledge of various industries.  We have worked nationally and internationally involving the identification, selection and relocation of executives and specialists from one country to another.  We follow a proven process and our success has been due equally to the process and experience of our partners.

In executive search and selection our advisors work on a retained basis.  We are driven by our clients needs and we will recommend the most appropriate methodology, as the means of drawing candidates for a particular role.

Our partners work closely with us to arrive at a clearly preferred candidate.  At all stages, you retain control of the process and we collaborate with you, our client.