Business Coaching Services


Executive Coaching increases skills and effectiveness in key areas of leadership excellence, providing a higher level of self-awareness and self-knowledge around your motives, personality, capacities and values. (For more info see Executive PDF located in Resources)

We help you:

  • Manage and Inspire your teams
  • Create your personal strategy for leadership growth
  • Identify the skills, talents and drives that are your unique leadership imprint
  • Build strategies and implement for success
  • Demonstrate the 'how' of ownership and responsibility, in behaviour, decisions and actions

A great culture is formed by the belief that what you do makes a difference, and is therefore worth doing well.  Great teams achieve primarily because they believe in, and are inspired by, what they do.  (For more info see Teams PDF located in Resources)

In our individually tailored approach to teams we work together to look at, Meaning Vision & Purpose / Values & Behaviours / Roles & Structure / Goals & Responsibilities / Communication Strategies / Empowerment / Appreciation & Recognition.

These foundations help your team build empathy and understanding with each other and define the teams objective as being the primary goal, not individual outcomes.

Aslan’s outcome is to create coaches in your leaders so they continue the work of empowering teams to assure your continued success.

With a focus on emotional intelligence and experiential based learning, our coaches will support you to identify patterns of behaviour that impact both your personal life and professional performance.  We use a three dimensional approach to coaching that helps to create sustainable skills, that change forever how you show up in your life at all levels. (For more info see Personal Coaching PDF located in Resources)