Aslan Leadership Coaching

Navigating your people or company through new and sometimes uncharted waters can at times be stressful and push personal capability to its limit.  To lead people well we need to understand them, their ambitions, motivations, weaknesses and strengths and to do that we need to understand these drivers in ourselves first.

Leadership Programme
Our Leadership Coaching programme takes you through a six competencies step process that creates a platform for your success and fulfilment both personally and as a leader.  The process is robust, direct and personal, it allows you the client to build a foundation of strength, resilience, depth and integrity.  Leadership ability then develops within the framework of core values, vision and goals.

Your journey:
  • Your personal strategy for leadership and growth –Clarity for purpose
  • Building strategies and implementing for success –Adapt for motivation and action
  • The skills, talents and drives that create your unique leadership imprint –Energise for identity
  • Managing and Inspiring your teams –Influence for contribution
  • Synergy of shared purpose – Align for commitment and results
  • Effective feedback internal and external – Progress for successful patterns 

Our leadership coaching programme can be tailored for the individual in a coaching format or small group interactive workshops with individual coaching running parallel.  (For more information see Leadership PDF located in Resources)