Change Management

Because all our change management coaches and consultants have backgrounds in their own businesses, we know the importance of not just the people side of your business but also the operational detail and we bring passion and expertise to that side of your business as well. Aslan’s change management coach approach is to:
  • Work alongside management, undertaking a thorough search and reveal of the issues and the capability for change
  • We coach and support the stakeholder team to develop clear and concise stepped change management strategies
  • Design the plan alongside management
  • Support and coach management to influence and guide their teams  through an inclusive and successful implementation process

Business Process Improvement
Part of the journey is to understand the ‘motor and wheels’ metaphor in your business.  “No matter how marvelous our product (motor) is, to get it to market it needs the best and efficiently running systems and procedures (wheels) to deliver the product.

To stay relevant all business processes need constant review to maximize efficiency and productivity.
(For more info see Change Management Coaching PDF located in Resources)