Career and Transition Coaching 
The link between motivation and performance is well established.  People who spend their time doing what they enjoy are happier and more productive.  When you take it to the next level it becomes "being passionate about what you do"!

Some times it takes courage to look at the level of fulfilment you are currently experiencing.

Transition Coaching can help you achieve these outcomes:
  • Truly knowing yourself and  where you are at in your career
  • Understanding  your values, motivation and  purpose
  • The ability to construct a new career around this deeper understanding of self

The Initial three to six months of any executive placement is crucial to the success of that individual in their role.

For the first 90 days Aslan provides:
  • Coaching support to enhance the transition of newly placed leaders into new roles 
  • Tailored 90 day plan for the company and the executive to ensure their success (For more info see Career and Transition Coaching PDF located in Resources)