Northern Rivers Equine Assisted Psychotherapy

Northern Rivers Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (NREAP) has been established now for 5 years. It is situated in the beautiful Northern Rivers Border Ranges of Far North NSW.

We work with individuals, couples, families and groups offering experiential learning with our horse herd. This allows us the opportunity to explore new ways of being without judgment, to support personal growth, change and development.

NREAP is passionate about this work and its effectiveness, so we have evolved and created an environment that provides a sense of awareness, connection and serenity with both the natural stunning surroundings and The Herd - Our very special horses, whose role it is to reflect and teach through 'the way of the horse'

The equine assisted industry is growing and is a fulfilling and exciting way of coming back home to ourselves, learning to accept and value our own uniqueness and embrace the power of fulfillment and self expression that resides within each of us.

Introduction to Embodied Awareness:


Course Dates:

  • 18th and 19th March 2017


Our horses will teach you about living healthy relationships, inspired leadership, personal well being and co-creating a relational experience between yourself and the horse.

This experience will enable you to connect with yourself, build awareness and step into authentic relationships with others. For more information select link Introduction to Embodied Awareness

Introduction to Embodied Relationships:

With the support of our horses you will learn about safety, trust and respect when building relationships and the importance of healthy, effective communication, co-operation and consideration of others.

Course Dates:

  • 2017 Dates TBA

Nurturing the Authentic Feminine:

Learn what it is to nurture and support the unique feminine that is you. Experience a weekend of self nurturing giving and receiving through the reflective teaching of our beautiful herd’s authentic contact and congruence. Breathe in the tranquility of the rolling creek lined property that is Northern Rivers Equine Assisted Psychotherapy. For more information select link Nurturing the Feminine Self

Course Dates:

  • 2017 Dates TBA

Advanced Embodied Awareness Workshop:

Our Embodied Awareness workshops have been an incredible success with participants continually sharing their experiences and amazing stories of sustainable change and self-acceptance.

If you have already completed the Embodied Awareness weekend workshop then you are eligible to deepen this learning in our ADVANCED EMBODIED AWARENESS weekend. Here you will have many opportunities to work alongside your 'horse partner’  to balance, challenge and support you as you learn how and who you are while 'in contact' with both your horse and others around you. Accepting all parts of ourselves paradoxically is the way we find choice and change in life. Heightening our capacity to tolerate more of our true self is a life journey we are all on and this work is a gentle deep and sustainable way to enhance your journey.

Course Dates:

  • 29th and 30th April 2017

Authentic Leadership Through Embodied Awareness:

Using “The way of the horse” to awaken the authentic and present leader of yourself and others that you are meant to be. Being willing to dig deep within to find your own hero. This is a centering and powerfully personal process between you and our amazing herd. The reflection and discovery of YOUR unique qualities that drives your Authentic Leadership style makes this a journeying weekend.

Course Dates:

  • 2017 Dates TBA